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Flower Show Schedule

Tips for Grooming and Conditioning your 2024 Entries

We would like to encourage all our members to enter the flower shows. There is always something growing in our gardens. You should be proud to share with us.

At times mother nature is not in sync with our show schedule. We ask that you try your best.

If you have something growing in your garden, that is not on the show schedule, and would like to share,
by all means, bring it in.

Preparing your Entries

It is recommended to cut flowers the evening before or early in the morning. Remove any dead leaves or blooms. Clean any spots on leaves.

Conditioning your Flowers

Carefully remove lower foliage and place in a container with water overnight or a minimum of three hours. Store in a cool dark area.


  • May’s schedule ask for tulips to have foliage attached. You would make sure there is no dirt left between the leaves.

  • Spring bulbs like cold water. Other flowers like warm or room temperature water.

  • Recut stem ends before placing in show container with fresh water.

  • Containers should be clean, and clear if possible.

  • Where the schedule asks for 3 or more: the blooms, should all be around the same size and colour and cut to the same height.



Flower Show Decisions for 2024

At each flower show the following will be awarded:

  • ribbons for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each category

  • one judge’s choice in horticulture $15

  • one judge’s choice in design $15

Looking forward to seeing what you have growing in your garden.



Flower Show Rules

According to The Ontario Judging and Exhibiting Standards 2019 revised edition:

  1. Open to society members.

  2. Maximum of three entries per exhibitor will be accepted in each class, provided they are each different cultivar (named).

  3. All specimens must have been cared for by the exhibitor.

  4. All houseplants must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for at least three months.

  5. All entries must have a completed entry card, with specimen named if possible (NIP).

  6. Obtain design materials from any source. All material should be fresh unless otherwise stated.

  7. Please leave the show area until judging has been completed.

  8. “NIP” in the show schedule means named if possible.


Flower show entries must be submitted between 6:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Entry tags are available at the meeting. No entries may be placed after 7:00 p.m. because judging begins promptly at 7:00 p.m.


May 20, 2024 Flower Show and Competition

DIVISION I—HORTICULTURE - Section A: Specimen Blooms NIP*

CLASS 1 Daffodil (Narcissus), yellow, 1 bloom
CLASS 2 Daffodil (Narcissus), any other colour, 1 bloom
CLASS 3 Daffodil (Narcissus), 3 blooms, one cultivar
CLASS 4 Tulip, single, 1 stem with foliage
CLASS 5 Tulip, double, 1 stem with foliage
CLASS 6 Tulip, 3 blooms, same cultivar
CLASS 7 Any other spring bulb, corm, or tuber, 1 stem
CLASS 8 Any flowering perennial, 1 stem
CLASS 9 Flowering shrubs in bloom, 1 branch, maximum 30′′


* NIP: named if possible


Design THEME: It's Progress

CLASS 10 The Wheels are turning
CLASS 11 Fly Me To The Moon - design showing movement

CLASS 12 Blooms in Bloom

June 17, 2024 Flower Show and Competition


CLASS 1 Clematis, 1 stem with foliage
CLASS 2 Columbine (Aquilegia), any colour, 3 stems
CLASS 3 Iris, any variety, 1 stalk
CLASS 4 Poppy (Papaver), 1 bloom
CLASS 5 Peony (Paeonia), single, 1 bloom
CLASS 6 Peony (Paeonia), double, 1 bloom
CLASS 7 Hosta, small leaf (2′′ to 5′′ across), 3 stems, same cultivar
CLASS 8 Hosta, large leaf (over 5′′ across), 1 stem
CLASS 9 Any other perennial, 1 stem
CLASS 10 Any other perennial, 3 stems, same cultivar
CLASS 11 Any bulb or tuber, 1 bloom
CLASS 12 Any houseplant, correctly labelled if possible
CLASS 13 Any flowering or fruiting branch or vine, maximum 30′′
CLASS 14 A collection of garden-grown flowers in a clear vase, minimum 3 cultivars, must be named *NIP: named if possible


Design THEME: Summer Days 

CLASS 15 Afternoon Tea - design using a teapot
CLASS 16 A Day in the Park
CLASS 17 On The Water  


September 16, 2024 Flower Show & Competition


CLASS 1 Aster, perennial, 1 spray
CLASS 2 Aster, annual, 1 cultivar, 3 blooms
CLASS 3 Begonia, tuberous, with own detached foliage, floating in water
CLASS 4 Chrysanthemum, 1 spray
CLASS 5 Coleus, 1 stem
CLASS 6 Dahlia, 1 bloom
CLASS 7 Grasses, ornamental, 1 cultivar, NIP, 3 stems
CLASS 8 Marigold, any size, 1 cultivar, 3 blooms
CLASS 9 Rose, hybrid tea, NIP, 1 bloom
CLASS 10 Rose, shrub, 1 bloom/spray
CLASS 11 Rudbeckia, 3 stems
CLASS 12 Sedum, any variety, 1 stem
CLASS 13 Sunflower, 1 bloom
CLASS 14 Zinnia, NIP, 1 stem
CLASS 15 Any other annual, 1 bloom/stem
CLASS 16 Any other perennial/biennial, 1 bloom/stem
CLASS 17 Hydrangea, 1 branch
CLASS 18 Branch showing fruit, 1 branch, maximum 20′′
CLASS 19 Branch showing seed head/pods, 1 branch, maximum 20′′ *NIP: named if possible



CLASS 20 Apples, 1 cultivar (wipe, do not polish, stem attached), 3 fruit
CLASS 21 Beans, 1 cultivar (with calyx and portion of stem attached), 5 pods
CLASS 22 Beets, 1 cultivar (tops trimmed to 2.5 cm/1′′), 3 roots
CLASS 23 Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, 1 head
CLASS 24 Brussels sprouts, 5 sprouts
CLASS 25 Carrots, 1 cultivar (topped to 2.5 cm/1′′), 3 roots
CLASS 26 Cucumbers, 1 cultivar (short stem should remain), 3 fruit
CLASS 27 Onions, 1 cultivar, 3 bulbs


THEME;  Happenings

CLASS 28 Market Day - basket arrangement including flowers, fruit and/or vegetables
CLASS 29 Dust Bowl - arrangement using dried and fresh material
CLASS 30 Psychedelic - arrangement using pink and orange

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