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Our Vision

Our mission is to educate members of the public, adults and children, on the benefits of maintaining native habitats by planting native trees, shrubs, perennial grasses and flowers that beautify our community and provides sustenance to our native and beneficial insects. 


June 19, 2023

Julia Dimakos

Succession Planting

8 Park Drive South,

Latcham Hall.

Stouffville, ON

Third Monday of each month @ 7:30 pm

March- November

(NO August Meeting)


Thank you

The money from the auction of the Christmas pots has been donated to the food bank.  Thanks to our members.

Members voted Carolyn Ratcliff's winning photo for our cover

It's 2022 - Is it safe to come out yet?


Do you have a garden?

Do you want to start one?

Are you a houseplant type person?

Do you like to socialize?

Do you have gardening questions?



We are a fun and approachable group. Some of our Members are Master Gardeners and are always happy to share their knowledge.


We are extremely pleased to welcome everyone to in-person meetings again, and to announce that our Members only photo contest and flower shows will be returning. Rules and categories will be emailed to members and posted at all meetings.


When the snow subsides, check out our Canada 150 garden at the corner of Park Drive and Burkholder Street. Volunteers for planting and weeding are always enthusiastically appreciated.


The executive committee have lined up a diverse roster of speakers this year ranging from house plants to flower arrangements.


Come join us as we celebrate Stouffville’s 99th Year as a Society and keep Stouffville beautiful

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