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Our Vision

Our mission is to educate members of the public, adults and children, on the benefits of maintaining native habitats by planting native trees, shrubs, perennial grasses and flowers that beautify our community and provides sustenance to our native and beneficial insects. 


A lot has happened recently regarding our efforts to save the Canada 150 Garden, and we want to be sure you are up to date.


We are hoping to be able to address the council sometime in the coming weeks, and we will need as many people as possible to attend the council meeting with us to show support and let the council see how many people believe the Canada 150 Garden should remain intact and in its current location. Once we have a firm date, we will let you know; regular council meetings are now always held during the day.


In 2017 the Stouffville Horticultural Society created a beautiful garden to commemorate Canada’s 150th Birthday. With the cooperation and financial assistance of the Town of Whitchurch Stouffville, the site at Park and Booth Drives was raised to create the berm and garden there today.  Through years of work by Stouffville Horticultural Society volunteers, the garden has matured into a wonderful pollinator and bee friendly space filled with native flora. It is regularly enjoyed by the community.

In mid December we were dismayed to hear that the Town is planning to destroy the garden in order to relocate Stouffville’s memorial Cenotaph and install a huge de-commissioned 84,000-pound Leopard 1 tank.  The Town did not notify us in advance of their decision, nor did they consult the public over the proposal. 

We need your help! As climate change intensifies and puts pollinators at increasing risk, it is imperative that gardens such as ours are maintained. Ironically, Stouffville was named a “Bee City” this year, which SHOULD see the town fostering and maintaining such gardens and green spaces. In addition, not disturbing the garden would save taxpayers a lot of money! 

The Stouffville Horticultural Society is asking for your support. By signing this petition, you will contribute to our efforts to appeal to the Town Council to look for an alternate location for the Cenotaph and the tank. 

Should you also wish to contact Mayor Lovatt and the members of the Council you may email them to MayorAndCouncil

Please click here to sign the petition.

Please note that while our main concern is saving the garden, we are mindful of the fact that a Weapon of War in the midst of our community may cause trauma to some of our citizens.



March 18, 2024

Molly Shannon.  Succulent Gardening for Beginners

7:00 pm.

New Location:  St James Church, 6432 Main St, Stouffville

Board of Directors

The 2022-2023 Directors are (Left to Right) Donna DiCostanzo, Catherine Auler, Pam Stierhof, June O'Donnell, Carolyn Ratcliff, Joan Bostock, Debbie Lonergan, Donna Pearson & Mary Copp

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Winning Photo

Members voted Carolyn Ratcliff's winning photo for our cover


Stouffville Horticultural Society Can Help

Do you have a garden?

Do you want to start one?

Are you a houseplant type person?

Do you like to socialize?

Do you have gardening questions?



We are a fun and approachable group. Some of our Members are Master Gardeners and are always happy to share their knowledge.


We are extremely pleased to welcome everyone to in-person meetings again, and to announce that our Members only photo contest and flower shows will be returning. Rules and categories will be emailed to members and posted at all meetings.


When the snow subsides, check out our Canada 150 garden at the corner of Park Drive and Burkholder Street. Volunteers for planting and weeding are always enthusiastically appreciated.


The executive committee have lined up a diverse roster of speakers this year ranging from house plants to flower arrangements.


Come join us as we celebrate Stouffville’s 99th Year as a Society and keep Stouffville beautiful

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